About Us

aim of biolife

Our Aim

Our company believes in our customer satisfaction through good laboratory and manufacturing practices. Bio life Nutraceutical believe in incremental improvements while keeping an eye on market.


our vision is to lead nutraceutical Enterprises. TO be a leading and most admired life- sciences in Pakistan and a significant global player by providing innovative and effective products at affordable price.


Bio life provides exceptional qualitative nutritional supplemental products to our valued customers. To be a socially responsible partner of the comunity we serve by embracing values based on ethics and integrity.

Quality Control

We have quality control department with highly efficient equipment as well professionl staff to ensure quality products.

Our quality control department have analytical, physical, chemical and microbiological testing methods and fully equipped with highly sophisticated and modern instrument like FTIR, Atomic Absorption HPLC coupled with qualified and skill staff. Our staff skillfully use all techniques, methods as reference by TP JP USP BP.

Franchisers And Customers

Marketing Force

Our marketing force cover various territories of pakistan with consistent prescription growth rate. we provide solid plateform for creating and establishing brand name in the market to promote the products .

Extensive Product Portfolio

We have large range of products in our portfolio. This offer our franchisees a wide array of option while catering to the marker needs in addition we are on an expansion spree and exciting product range.

Legal Affairs

We ensure that our franchises will stay tension free from the rules and regulation of DRAP, such as From-6 product dossiers, form-7 trade mark copy right warranty etc.

Quick Start

The buzz words for a successful Cosmo franchise include resource optimization, effective time management and profitable returns on investment. We give the franchisee an ability to get going in as short time what’s more franchises don’t need to invest their time in the management if complex cycle of literature development product manufacturing formulation and conception and other logistical and legal formalities.

Cost Effective Operation

We offer franchise opportunities for a long period of time this result in many operation efficiencies; the ensuing cost benefits are directly passed on to the franchisee in addition the net price will be extremely competitive because total sale of a product is very high in unit wise production.