Why Us

From our original brands to future innovations, Nutraceutical thrives where health is at the forefront.


Utah: Where healthy living starts with a way of thinking.

As the founder of GAIA,Vegofast and Make Slim  we’ve paved the way for a way of life since the very begining,We have understood the impartance of establishing our roots in an area of the country that embraces whole body health.

UTAH. Our determination to control every aspect of production has inspired a unique process that ensures the utmost quality and value.

Evey generation can find the product they need to live life our campany brand has grown since 2012 and commited to quality product we are always there to care

The Process

We Are Always Their To Care

we are blessed that we have the entire process of products sourcing  to distribuition and comitted to provide the qualitativ product to human being we take the responsibilty to give birth to nutraceutical products.


Our Main Product Manufacturing

The Founder and people behind our brand are the one who continously working and thinking about the healthy life to invent the incredable way to make the world a healthier palce.


We’re looking at the whole picture of human health.

Bio Life Enterprises Nutraceutical believes to deliver the only complete wellness solution becasue we are looking at the whole picture of human health. From Vitamin-A to Zinx Oxide, we have curated a portfolio of brands that are each expert and serve a particaulat purpose.